Heyy! (in New players)

jkjhkjh May 2 2010 2:20 AM EDT

Hey everyone, my name is Kelsey and im happy to be a part of carnage blender

Lochnivar May 2 2010 2:58 AM EDT

We're happy to have you!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, many of the vets here can provide excellent advice.

Enjoy the blending.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 2 2010 3:00 AM EDT


smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] May 2 2010 5:55 AM EDT

Welcome to CB Kelsey! As you've already seen, chat can get a bit goofy, but it's all in good fun, the community's the best part about CB, =)

AdminShade May 2 2010 7:20 AM EDT

Welcome to the game, happy blending! :)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] May 2 2010 8:07 AM EDT

Welcome to Carnage Blender!

Getting past the Tutorial is half the Battle!

Life after the Tutorial can be tough as there is a lot of information to learn and some of it is not easy to comprehend. If you have any questions please feel free to pop up into chat and ask them, there are many experienced players with answers willing to help.


Follow the links below to some of the best information on the site that you can get, made and compiled by the top players in the game.

Getting Started
Getting Answers
  • Official FAQ - This Should Answer a Lot of your Questions!
  • Unofficial FAQ - This Should Answer a Lot more of them!
  • Glossary - This Will help with all of those Acronyms Vets Spout off!
Things You Can Do

Keep in mind that this game is meant for long term play so Game On!

Pwned May 3 2010 2:30 AM EDT

hello and welcome

Pwned May 3 2010 10:15 PM EDT

BTW......... ... . .. . . is that you in the pic?....I'm me in mine...so..

Lneacx May 4 2010 12:59 AM EDT

I'm just posting to get the objective off of my list.
you guys have any hints for new players? I just signed up 2 days ago.

Demigod May 4 2010 1:15 AM EDT

You got it. Here's your current setup:


Tattoo Lesser Rune of Balrog Flame
Cone of Cold
Hit Points: 5,000
Armor: 0
Strength: 20
Dexterity: 20

It's a single minion with CoC and a lesser RoBF. Both CoC and the RoBF are melee weapons, which means you have to survive through rounds of ranged damage in order to hurt teams. Since you only have a single minion, odds are that the minion will get killed before melee starts. If you want to stick with the melee weapons, I say go for four minions to act as meat shields.

If you want to stick with one minion and avoid diluting the experience you earn, consider switching the CoC to an Archer (large ranged damage but expensive) or train Fireball or Magic Missile. For a single minion, you may also want to switch to one of the ranged familiars, such as Fire Familiar, Steel Familiar, or Halidon Familiar, or if you like archers, you could even go with a Tattoo of Augmentation.

You could also consider hiring a second minion and go with a number of options, but just try to balance out the ranged damage you'll receive in order to live until melee.

Demigod May 4 2010 1:18 AM EDT

Oh, and here's a list of the tattoos/familiars that I'm sitting on that aren't currently lent out. If you want to borrow any to try, just let me know and I'll send them your way:

A Lesser Steel Familiar lvl 31,691
A Fire Familiar lvl 15,672
A Halidon Familiar lvl 12,337
A Halidon Familiar lvl 1,885
A Lesser Tattoo of Augmentation lvl 1,220
A Rune of Balrog Flame lvl 20
A Lesser Ice Familiar lvl 20
A Lesser Electric Familiar lvl 20

Lneacx May 4 2010 1:47 AM EDT

I see your logic, but I should probably say that the Ice Familiar doesn't work for me. If I use the Ice Familiar, then I can't survive the ranged onslaught. Essentially, I chose the Rune of Balrog Flame for its 1)resistance to DD, and 2)Its cost.

Lneacx May 4 2010 2:08 AM EDT

Whoa... Did I go overboard with CoC? I just started playing, and I already have the highest CoC level in my realm...
By the way, can anybody explain the concept of realms to me?

Lneacx May 4 2010 4:09 AM EDT

And what's this pr/mpr? The help guide doesn't do such a great job describing this...
Also, what exactly does Shocking Grasp do? The description is very vague.

Invader Sye May 4 2010 5:12 AM EDT

If you are still winning, then keep up what you are doing. Keep in mind though, that your opponents change as you grow stronger, so you may have to adapt and tweak things a little here and there to get stronger.

As for PR/MPR

PR = How strong you are after you have your items equipped
MPR= How strong you are without any items whatsoever

(Obviously equipping weapons and armor will give your minions an advantage over those that don't have any equipped. That's basically what PR tells you)

Demigod May 4 2010 8:30 AM EDT

Don't worry, I was just listing the tats I still had in storage. You're correct in thinking that the ice familiar won't be a good choice for you right now.

And I can't stress this enough -- ignore your standing in your realm. Realms show you where you stand based on when you started, and the beginning realm should be deleted. At the top of the stats/attributes pages, you'll see a number of realms. The one in the far left is for players who've been around for all players, and the next one over is for those who've only been around six months or less. The one on the far right (your realm) is for players who just began, so it makes sense that you'd already be at the top of a stat there.
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