Hello there everyone (in New players)

Loveisacatfromhell November 22 2011 8:43 AM EST

Hi, new to this, just wanted to do one of my goals and also ask a question at the same time.

i asked in chat, and people have provided strategys that i could do, one said i should do one like this:


But there are too many mixed opinions, and say that is a bad one... can anyone else give their input? thanks =)

Joel November 22 2011 8:49 AM EST

That strategy is a good one to start out with, because with your New User Bonus, you'll be able to accumulate a ton of money, since this strategy is inexpensive. With your money, you could buy equipment to use in a different strategy that you want to switch to, or you could start a loan service! Also, you can sell your money, in exchange for real money, directly to another player!

AdminNightStrike November 22 2011 9:19 AM EST

I fixed your title typo :)

Also.. were you dumped into chat as soon as you created your account? Was that helpful? That was a recent change that I'd like some feedback on.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 22 2011 9:37 AM EST


Loveisacatfromhell November 22 2011 9:41 AM EST

hmmm... i might keep my current strat and see how that goes...

Yeah chat started as soon as i logged in, but i didnt use it till i finished the tutorial XD heh

QBOddBird November 22 2011 11:48 AM EST


Also, welcome to CB! :D

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 22 2011 11:54 AM EST

Welcome to Carnage Blender Loveisacatfromhell!

Getting past the Tutorial is half the Battle!

Life after the Tutorial can be tough as there is a lot of information to learn and some of it is not easy to comprehend. If you have any questions please feel free to pop into chat and ask them, there are many experienced players with answers willing to help.


Follow the links below to some of the best information on the site that you can get, made and compiled by the top players in the game.

Getting Started
Getting Answers
  • Official FAQ -This Should Answer a Lot of your Questions!
  • Unofficial FAQ -This Should Answer a Lot more of them!
  • Glossary -This Will help with all of those Acronyms Vets Spout off!
Things You Can Do

Keep in mind that this game is meant for long term play so Game On!

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