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Glossary of CB Terms.

Note: These are just simple definitions. For deeper explanations, try the FAQ's, linked at the upper right of just about every page in CB. Or check past forum messages. Or ask someone in chat.


AC: See Armor Class

AC or Adam or Adamantite Cuirass: The highest Armor Class giving item in the game, although there are severe dexterity and magic penalties for using this item, its damage reduction abilities (realistically up to 20%) can outweigh its cons. Part of the AC Focused Tank Armor. Not to be confused with Armor Class.

Admins: People who administer the game. See the Admin FAQ [1].

AFK: Away From Keyboard

AMF, Antimagic Field: An Enchant Offense Spell, that redirects a percentage of opponents' Direct Damage Spells(DD) back to the casting minion or familiar.

AP, Armor Proficiency: A skill that will reduce the penalties from wearing armor. See also Skills

AoF, Amulet of Focus: This Amulet increases the effects of Enchantments and Skills on the minion wearing it.

AoAC, Amulet of AC: This Amulet gives a bonus to one's Armor Class stat.

AoI, Amulet of Invisibility: This Amulet makes its wearer harder to hit. Also, the minion wearing the AoI becomes, effectively, invisible to enemy physical attacks from bows or melee weapons. Therefore, any minion wearing the AoI will be the last minion to be targeted.

AoM, Amulet of Might: This Amulet gives a bonus to one's Strength stat.

Archery: See Skills.

Armor: There are numerous types of armor any minion may equip. The more powerful the armor, the less damage a minion will take from attacks. Some types of armor have penalties or bonuses to spells and/or stats. Note that Tattoos are mutually exclusive with Body Armor, Cloaks, and Power Shields. All armor (excluding tattoos) have a Power Weight associated with them.

AS, Ablative Shield: See Enchant Defense Spells.

Auctions: Any item that is rare or with a net worth of $5,000 or more can be auctioned off.

AWOL: Away Without Leaving

Axbow, Assassin's Crossbow: A Crossbow that Drains DX.


BA, Battle Allocation: How many actions you are allocated to take in a given time.

BA Refresh Rate: Battle Allocation regenerates at a rate of between 6-10 every 20 minutes to a maximum of 160. Beginning characters start with getting 10 BA every 20 minutes. The highest level characters get 6 BA every 20 minutes. See Battle Allocation.

Ban: Some people who have played in CB in the past have been banned. Banning can be the result of cheating, scamming other players, or being disruptive in chat and/or forums. You will generally be warned before being banned, so this is not something most people have to worry about.

Base: A base item is one that is not yet upgraded - i.e. at or near x1 and/or +1.

BIN: Buy It Now. A price set as the 'BIN' is the price one pays to immediately receive the item, both in FS/WTB or in Auctions.

BoE, Breastplate of Expertise: A new supporter item introduced on January 24, 2009.

BoM, Buckler of Mandos: A strength adding shield.

BoNE, Blacksword of Nan Elmoth: The melee weapon with the highest base damage - 92. Blackswords of Nan Elmoth, Morgul Hammers, and Elven Long Swords together spawn at the rate of about 1 every 2 weeks. As such, they are the most highly coveted and expensive weapons in the game.

BoTH, Blade of Thuringwethil: A melee weapon with a base damage of 73. It is a smaller one-handed version of the Morgul-Hammer.

BL, Bloodlust: See Skills.

BM, Black Market: When an item in the Black Market gets enough votes, a base one is created and placed in auction. Only players who voted for the item or one of the same type (e.g., Katana) that was auctioned in the past 2 weeks may bid on Black Market auctions. Only supporters or people who have been in a Standard clan for a week can vote, and get one vote per week.

Bonus Times: When CB is giving out random bonuses to clans and you get increased rewards for Money or for Experience on specific times.

BoF, Boots of Fortitude: A pair of footwear that gives +0.5% to the leadership ability for each plus, stacks with the AoL

Bot Checks: To prevent people from using scripts to play for them, bot checks are used to ensure the person fighting or forging is a real live human being. Enter the top word. You have two attempts. If you fail both you can pay a fine to have the temporary ban removed.

Bows: Short, Long, Compound, Composite, and Elven Long are the 5 types of bows. The main difference is upgrade cost - some are cheaper to upgrade the damage on, while some are cheaper to upgrade the "to hit". See Weapons.

BS, Blacksmith: The Blacksmith will upgrade your equipment. He's expensive and picky about what he accepts. not to be confused with a swear word.


Camping: Refreshing the store frequently to buy new items when they spawn. Can also be used to refer to continually fighting the same opponent. See 'farming'. (This is still here for historical purposes. The store refresh code has been changed to prevent store camping in that rare items spawn directly into auctions..)

Carp: A CB tradition of slapping someone with a virtual fish. /Me Carps Someone. Welcome to the chat room, friend!

CB, Carnage Blender: This game.

CB$ (Also: CBD): The unit of currency in CB is a dollar ($). Your character will earn money for winning battles against opposing characters. This can be used to buy or upgrade equipment. This designation has become the dominate form for which to reference in-game money now that there are no longer multiple CB games (ie, CB1 and CB2).

CB1: The first iteration of Carnage Blender.

CB1$: The unit of currency in Carnage Blender 1. [Deprecated: With the closure of CB1, there is no longer a necessary distinction between funds in both games.]

CB2: The second iteration of Carnage Blender.

CB2$: The unit of currency in Carnage Blender 2. [Deprecated: With the closure of CB1, there is no longer a necessary distinction between funds in both games.]

Challenge Bonus: A bonus to fight rewards given in relation to the difficulty of the opponent being fought, mainly comparing your current total PR to the score of your opponent. Bonus can be positive, negative, or zero. Characters in the Top Ten (score) are immune from negative challenge bonuses.

Changemonth: Major changes to the game engine, they occur every three months. Minor changes that don't affect gameplay greatly, can be made in any month.

Character: Each person on CB must have at least one character. Each character may have up to four minions.

Chat: Similar to IRC. See FAQs->Chat. [2]

Clans: A grouping of like-minded individual characters with the (possibly) main purpose of earning clan points and rising to the top of clan standings.There are two types of clans: Fighting and Economic. The top fighting clan teams earn extra experience and CB$ rewards for their members. Economic clan members get discounts on things like transfer and forging fees.

Clan Bonus: The reward bonus given to the top 25% of clans, up to a maximum of 15% bonus.

CM, Chatmail: Is a short email-like messages that can be sent to other players within Carnage Blender, even if they don't have chat enabled or are not currently logged on. Chatmails can be delivered both in-chat and on your home page.

CML, Chain mail Leggings: An item that has 18 Base AC.

CPs, or Clan points: A character can earn clan points for their clans by winning fights. One point for defeating someone not in a clan, two points for beating someone in an opposing clan, and three points for beating someone in a clan earning a bonus. No points are gained for beating someone in their own clan. See Clans.

CoC, Cone of Cold: A Direct Damage spell. Starts casting in the first round of melee combat. See Direct Damage Spells.

Combat: Combat is divided into 3 parts: The initial spellcasting round where enchantments are cast, followed by 5 rounds of ranged combat, followed by up to 45 rounds of melee combat. Combat ends when all minions on one (or both) teams are dead. Note that there can be 50 rounds of melee combat if both combatants have no way to do attack in the ranged rounds.

Crossbow, Xbow: A Crossbow is one type of ranged weapon. Heavy crossbows are cheaper to upgrade damage on. Light crossbows are cheaper to upgrade accuracy on. See Weapons.


DB, Displacement Boots: Boots that lower the PTH of your opponent's weapon.

Damage Modifier: Each weapon has a base damage, a damage modifier, and a plus to hit. The damage modifier is used the 'x' in a weapon's description. For instance, "A Dagger [4x8] (+2)", has a damage modifier of 8. It will do more damage than a 'base' (i.e. [4x1]) dagger. Don't be misled by the x symbol into thinking this is simply a matter of multiplication; there are many factors that affect how much damage one minion does to another. In general, weapons with a higher damage modifier will do more damage than one with a lower modifier. This can be increased on most weapons via the Blacksmith or Forging. See Weapons.

DD, Direct Damage: A category of spells. Specifically, Fireball (FB), Cone of Cold (CoC), Magic Missile (MM), Shocking Grasp (SG) and Decay. A minion with a DD spell will not attack with a melee weapon.

Decay: A Direct Damage spell. Decay is unable to be cast in the ranged rounds. It is only cast during melee combat rounds. A decay mage that has ranged weapons equipped can use them in the ranged rounds.

Dexterity, Dex, DX: A measure of how often a minion will hit an opposing minion with a physical attack, or vice versa. Two minions with evenly matched dexterity will hit each other about 50% of the time. The maximum number of hits achievable on an opponent due to dexterity is two. More hits per round can only be achieved via 'plus-to-hit' (pth).

DI: Damage Inflicted. This appears in your fight page followed by two numbers separated by a slash (eg. x/y), the numbers are active (weapons and DD) and passive (GA, AMF) damage respectively.

Disenchant: Used to lower the Net worth of armor and weapons through the blacksmith

DM, Dispel Magic: An Enchant Offense Spell, that reduces (or even eliminates) enchantments cast upon your opponent's minions.


EB, Elven Boots: Boots that give a bonus to DX. Base AC of 10.

EC, Elven Cloak: A cloak that gives a bonus to DX. Base AC of 4.

EC, Ethereal Chains: An EO spell that reduces enemy ST and DX.

ED, Enchant Defense: See Enchant Defense Spells.

Edged Weapons: Since the creation of the Gloves of Mercy and Menelvegorian Cape, this Weapon Class was introduced.

EF, Electric Familiar: A familiar training Shocking Grasp at 100% of its level and HP at 25% of its level.

EG, Elven Gloves: Gloves that give a bonus to DX. Base AC of 3.

EH, Elven Hauberk: Body armor that provides protection against Direct Damage Spells.

ELB, Elbow, Elven Long Bow: A bow that does the most damage for a particular damage multiplier.

ELS, Elven Long Sword: A one-handed melee weapon with the highest base damage.

ES, Elven Stiletto: a one-handed melee weapon with VB-like defense reduction.

EO, Enchant Offense: See Enchant Offense Spells.

Enchanter: A minion whose main purpose is to cast enchantment type spells, as opposed to casting DD or equipping weapons.

Enchantment: A type of spell. Can be used either defensively (to protect members of your own party) or offensively (to reduce the effectiveness of opponents).

Encumbrance: A new way for NW allowance to be calculated for each minion

Equip: Once you buy an item, you must equip it on a minion before it can be used. Under the 'Assign to' drop-down menus for each item, choose which minion to assign to, then click the 'Make Selected Item Assignments' link.

""Exbow, Enforcer's Crossbow:"" A Crossbow that Drains ST

Experience Points (XP): Experience points are gained for winning a battle against another character. They can be 'spent' to increase a basic stat, skill, or the power of a spell.

Evasion: A minion with this skill will be able to reduce the + to hit of an opponent's weapon. Evasion no longer grants any defensive Dexterity as of 3rd of September 2008


Familiar: A bonus minion created by wearing a tattoo into battle.

Farm, Farming: One of the more over used terms in CB.

  • Store 'farming': Buying many things from the store in order to try to get the store to refresh. Store farming is no longer considered useful. Previously, it had been considered an exploit, but is no longer useful with ammo (Particularly Explosive shots) eliminated from the game.
  • A 'farm' team: A character who is not actively being used to fight opponents. Its purpose is to be attacked by opponents and earn money by occasionally winning those kinds of fights. They are often used to store excess equipment and money.
  • To 'farm' an opponent: When someone is actively fighting, they are constantly in the process of healing themselves. This will allow an opponent to continually attack the same character over and over. Sometimes referred to as 'camping on someone' or 'plowing'/'ploughing'.

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions [3], look here first, before posting in forums.

FB, Fireball: The only Direct Damage spell to start being cast in the first round of ranged combat. It affects all opponents still alive. In the ranged rounds, it will only affect the opponent's minions, but if cast in melee will affect all minions still surviving. The Fireball caster's friendly minions will suffer a reduced effect compared to the opponent's minions.

FF, Fire Familiar: A Familiar, that trains Fireball (FB) and Hit Points (HP).

Fight Rewards: A character that wins a fight will earn both Experience Points (XP) and money (CB$). A character that loses a fight that he initiated will earn reduced XP and CB$. A character that loses a fight he did not initiate will earn no money or experience.

Fightlist: The list of characters you are fighting, also a 3rd party program created by Verifex. Deprecated, see External CB Tools and Resources (Fightlist - more info )

FoD, Finger of Death: The original implementation of the Decay spell. No longer in use. A spell that was in CB1

Forge, Forging: You may increase the effectiveness of your armor and weapons using the forge. A more powerful character will forge faster than one less powerful. If you find the Blacksmith too expensive and you do not wish to forge for yourself, you may be able to hire another person to forge your equipment for you.

Forge Efficiency: The ratio of NW added per BA used in the forge compared to the cost to purchase additional BA. ex. 390NW added per BA:650 cost to purchase additional BA is a forge efficiency of about 0.6

Forgemaster: A 3rd party program created by Verifex. Deprecated, see External CB Tools and Resources (Forgemaster - more info)

FOSS, Frequently Offered Stupid Suggestions: Suggestions that are frequently offered, but are unlikely to be used. They are added to a separate section of the FAQs, in the hope of reducing their frequency in Forums and Chat.

Forum: Discussion boards. Linked off the main page.


G: A rating given to movies in the USA. See 'CB language'. [4]

GA, Guardian Angel: An Enchant Defense Spell, that retaliates with up to 60% of all damage inflicted on its targets by opposing Minions.

GoM, Gloves of Mercy: Each plus gives 2% extra pth to "short" Edged Weapons as well as the Elven Long Sword and Blade of Thuringwethil.

GS, Giant Strength: An Enchant Defense Spell, that increases targets' ST.


Heal: After any fight in which one or more of your minions received damage, you will need to heal them. The cost for this varies depending on your PR, how many minions were hurt, and whether any of them died. Having enough money to heal is important - never spend all your money as you will not be able to heal without it. If you don't have any money to heal yourself with, create a new character and have him give your other character money to heal with. This is easier than asking other people to give you money.

HF, Halidon Familiar: A Familiar that trains Archery, ST, DX and HP and uses a Bow.

HH, or Heaumehead: Heaumehead (HH) is a user with A Heaume (worst helm) equipped on a minion or on their persons when waiting for the short bus. A way of calling you "dee dee dee" CB style.

HLA, Leather Armor: A low AC, no penalty body armor.

HP, Hit Points: The amount of damage a minion can absorb before dying. 100,00 HP =1,200,000 Experience trained. 100,000 HP adds about 2.5mil NW to your total Encumbrance on that minion.

Hxbow: Heavy crossbow: Does more damage than the Lxbow for the same x (damage multiplier).


IF, Ice Familiar: A Familiar (Tattoo) that trains Cone of Cold at 100% of level and an additional 25% of it's level as HP.

Insta Up, Insta Down: Standing for instant upgrade (or instant downgrade), insta'ing an item means to trade it for another person's in order to increase or decrease the stats immediately. The person who receives the higher NW item will generally pay cash or items along with the item they are insta'ing up with.


JKF, Jigorokano Familiar: A tattoo, previous supporter item.

Jon, Yasz: Owner of the game. He wrote the game engine. He owns the server. He pays for the bandwidth. He's not online 24 hours a day. Wait a while before bothering him with something.


Kick: You can be /kicked from chat. This only lasts 30 seconds. Always remember, a kick is only a warning.

Kill: You can be /killed from chat. This lasts one hour.

Kill-slot: A kill-slot is a term used for a minion that serves no appreciable offensive or defensive use, except to slow down the opposing team by being killed. More minions mean more rounds to kill, because more minions dilute the "spread-fire" direct damage spells, and additional minions take a round per kill for all other attacks (except Sling of Death). Kill-slot minions can be especially frustrating to opposing tanks who hit multiple times, because a tank can only target one minion per round. Whether their attacks knock a minion down to zero hit points or -1,000,000 hit points, the result is still just a single kill, leaving the remaining minions alive to fight at least one more round. While kill-slot minions are usually not worth a lot in terms of fighting, they can still be effective as enchanters, since all enchantments are deployed at the beginning of a battle, and the enchanter does not need to remain alive for his/her enchantment to still be in effect.


Loans: Once you have been playing for a while, people will come to know you and you can generally borrow money from others.

Lxbow: Light crossbow.


Mage: A minion who casts Direct Damage spells.

Max tattoo Max Tattoo: The maximum allowable tattoo for your character before your tattoo will stop gaining levels.

Melee: Pronounced may-lay. Historically, combat at short range, such as hand-to-hand combat following a charge. Weapons used at short range, such as swords or axes, are sometimes known as Melee Weapons. In CB, each fight can last a maximum of 50 rounds. Normally, after the 5 ranged rounds there are up to 45 rounds of Melee combat, but there can be 50 melee rounds if neither character's minions act in the ranged rounds.

Menc, Menelvegorian Cape: For each plus the Menc gives 1% extra pth to Edged Weapons.

MgS, Mage Shield: Protects minion against magic but prevents user from using magic themselves.

Minion: Each character in the game may have up to four minions. The minions are the ones who do all the fighting and spell casting.

MM, Magic missile: A Direct Damage spell. Starts casting during the second round of ranged combat. Affects only one opposing minion at a time.

MoD, Mace of Disruption: A Melee Weapon with a Base Damage of 75 , 1-Handed Hammer Class

MPR, Minion Power Rating: Minion PR. A measure of how many XP a character has trained. (see also Minion Power)

Morg, Morgul-Hammer (aka MH): The melee weapon with the second highest base damage. It has the intrinsic property of granting its wielder a small amount of Vampiric Aura.

MS, Mithril Shield: Highest Base-AC shield.

MsK, Mageseeker Bow: A Ranged weapon that targets minions with a DD trained. It has a base damage of 5.

Multi: A person who creates multiple accounts in order to make more money. This is not allowed in CB, and is punishable by Reset/Ban.

Mushu Penalty: The name given to what happens when you overheat an item in the forge, it was so named after Mushu overheated Todd's Hxbow (at the time, mushu was working on the largest NW increase of any item) and lost millions of dollars of work. This penalty was originally a complete loss of forge progress, but was lessened due to heavy complaining.


NCB, New Character Bonus (NCB): gives an old player a chance to make it to the top, giving bonus to EXP but not cash.

Nerf: American slang for decreasing the value of something. Nerfing a strategy means to make it less effective. Nerfing an item means to lessen the effectiveness of it - i.e. it now offers less protection or does less damage. Comes from the line of Nerf toys, bows and arrows and things, all made of foam.

NW, Net Worth: The intrinsic value an item has in CB. It is different than the amount of money you can sell the item to the store for, and it is probably different than what other players will pay for that item. If the item is unequipped, you can choose 'Other Assignment Options' on the main page to see the item's net worth.

Newb, Newbie, Noob: A new person. Someone new to the game. Welcome.

NUB, New User Bonus (NUB):


Op: A Chat monitor. Along with admin, these enforce the PG rules within chat.


PG: A rating given to some movies in the USA, where it means "Parental Guidance." Used here to delimit language appropriate to CB chat and forums. Term used by the players to inform you of inappropriate language. See 'CB Language'.[5]

PL, Phantom Link: A spell that allows a minion on your team to absorb damage that your other teammates would take, reduces the damage taken, and reduces the amount of damage that minion takes itself for every point trained.

PP Paypal: A third party way to transfer money.

PR, Power Rating: A measure of both the XP your character has trained and the total net worth of items his minions have equipped. Untrained XP is not counted towards this total and neither are unequipped items. (See also Power)

PR Weight: This factor influences how much the armor's NW affects your PR. Increasing the NW of any piece of armor will increase the PR of the character more depending on how high the PR weight of that item is. A PR weight of N now means that for every plus of enchantment on the item, your PR will increase by N% of the xp on the minion equipping it. Note that PR Weight only applies to armor not weapons. Tattoos have no PR weight since they are accounted for separately. See the latest changelog post 'here'.[6] And another older and obsolete changelog for reference sake is 'here.'[7] The current PR weight of a specific class of armor is shown in the Stats -> Items -> Overview page

Prot, Protection: This spell has been removed from the game.

PTH: Plus To Hit, or Point To Hit. This is the + on a weapon, effectively the percentile chance for the weapon to hit. This is increased by blacksmithing/forging up the + on melee/ranged weapons and ammunition. It is also increased by wearing a Tattoo of Augmentation. PTH may be reduced by an opponent's Evasion and/or Displacement Boots.


QB, Quarter Blender: A person who truly represents the best of CB's community, decided upon by the quarterly QB election process. QBs are identified by the alternately colored 'QB' in front of their name.


Ranged rounds: In CB, the first 5 rounds of combat are ranged rounds (6 if a Helm of Clearsight is used).

Ranged weapons: Crossbows, Bows, Slings.

Realms: How the player leaderboard is divided.

Rentals: Under the 'Businesses' link on the sidebar. Some players make their excess items available to other players via the built-in rentals system.

Reset: Removing all of a character's earned experience, money, and items. Done for serious infractions against CB ethics such as store farming, scamming, or repeated use of inappropriate language in chat or forums.

Restore: Every now and then, something seriously bad happens to many characters. If Jon determines that this is too much to fix manually he may restore the game from the previous night's backup. This may result in a small loss of experience and/or CB$.

Rounded Pebble: Base 4 sling ammo that was removed from the game in December 2006 [8].

RoBF, Rune of Balrog Flame: A Tattoo granting the wearer Evasion, magic resistance, and a special melee attack that always hits once per round during Melee Combat while the wearer is alive. This special melee attack is unaffected by Antimagic Field (AMF), Ethereal Chains (EC), Evasion, and Guardian Angel (GA).

RoE, Rune Of Enlightenment: Gives 20% increase in XP to the minion who wears it.

RoS, Rune Of Solitude: Gives a bonus equal to half of the tattoo level on the minion's Enchant Defense Spell, also has an anti-DM effect.

RPM, Rough Progress Meter: A measure of how close you are to forging an item to the next point. The item will receive a point when the RPM reaches 100% or higher.


Salvage Yard: The Salvage Yard can change a melee weapon from one type to another. The melee weapon will retain its current level. Only high-end weapons are eligible.

Score: CB uses a ladder ranking system. Score is a measure of which other characters you have fought and whether you won or lost. In general, your score will go up if you win a fight and will go down if you lose a fight.

Seeker: Specialty ammunition that targeted mages first. Removed from the game in June 2007 [9]

SF, Steel Familiar: A Familiar, that trains Magic Missile (MM) at 100% of its level and an additional 25% of its level as HP.

SG, Shocking Grasp: A Direct Damage spell. 1% extra damage for each point of base AC on the opponent.

Slings, Staff Slings: A type of ranged weapon. Uses shots.

Slayer: Specialty ammunition that did more base damage than regular ammunition. Removed from the game in June 2007 [10]

SoC, Shield of Capacity: A shield that reduces physical damage and, when used with hammer-class weapons, reflects a portion of the physical damage back at the opponent.

SoD, Sling of Death: A more powerful sling with a base damage of 5.

Spamming: Using too many lines on the chat bar for chatting.

Spawn, spawning: Several times a day (randomly) the store refreshes with new items. This is called spawning.

Spell Casting Round: In each combat, there is an initial spell casting round where all Enchantments are cast. The only spells cast after this initial round are Direct Damage spells.

Spells: There are 3 categories of spells in CB: Direct Damage Spells (DD), Enchant Offense Spells (EO), and Enchant Defense Spells (ED). Any one minion may have only 1 spell from each category. Spells cost experience to learn.

Spellboosters: New type of boots 4AC and a 3% constant bonus to DD, less bonus to ED, EO.

Stat: Hit Points (HP), Strength (ST), and Dexterity (DX). The basic statistics of a minion.

SS, Steel Skin: Lets a minion use armor more effectively. Train it to 1/8th of natural HP

Strategy, Strat: The particular combination of minions, spells, equipment, and weapons used by characters to advance in score and PR. There are many different strategies - single tank, TTMM or 2T2M (Tank/Tank/Mage/Mage), TEEM (Tank/Enchanter/Enchanter/Mage), TM (Tank/Mage), etc. Perhaps the easiest beginning strategy is single tank - buy the best weapons and armor you can, leaving enough money left over for healing. After you advance enough you can think about buying a second, then a third, and maybe even a fourth minion.

Store: There are two stores in CB, linked off the front page under 'Businesses'. One sells armor, the other weapons.

Strength, Str, ST: A measure of how much physical damage a minion can do with a melee or ranged weapon.


Tank: A minion who casts no Direct Damage spells and whose main purpose is to inflict physical damage. Often used at the front of a party to absorb damage and allow spellcasters time to inflict maximum damage with DD spells. May cast enchantment type spells, but usually at a lower level than pure enchanter type characters.

ToA, Tattoo of Augmentation: This tattoo gives 50% of its level to STR and 33% to DX for the minion equipping it. This bonus STR/DX can also be enhanced by other stat-increasing items.

ToE, Tattoo of Endurance: This tattoo decreases the amount of damage you receive up to an amount of 75% of the damage done and/or 10% of the tattoo's level.

Top Ten Exemption: A phrase that referred to the fact that characters in the Top Ten were exempt from negative "challenge bonuses" when fighting. This was done away with on 3/27/07. Now, instead of exempting the top 10 players from penalties from fighting down, everyone getting 6 BA every 10 minutes gets no penalty. The 6 BA category starts at 60% of the top player's MPR -- not VPR. 7 BA starts at 40% of max MPR.

Others will also get reduced penalty corresponding to their BA rate. Someone getting 7 BA will have 25% of the "normal" penalty for fighting down. Someone getting 8 BA will have 50%, etc. Only those at 10 BA will get 100% of the penalty.

Train: To train your minion select 'Train' from the sidebar. Note that certain spells can only be trained if you have enough experience. Also only one of each class of spell can be trained.

Transfer: Send items to other characters, either within your own account or to another player.

TSA, Trollskin Armor: An item that increases ST and regenerates HP each round.


UC, Unarmed Combat: A skill. The ability to use bare hands as deadly weapons.

Untrain: Converting trained spells or skills back to experience points (EXP) in a minions. This process is an opposite of "Train" and useful when a character need to change current strategy or simply lowering its MPR. EXP from un-training will not be the same as for training it. Un-training Direct Damage (DD) Spells will only return 95% of its initial training EXP, for example. If a minion needs 1000 EXP to train Magic missile (MM), it will only get 950 EXP from un-training it completely. This also applies to any other trained spells and skills, only the returned EXP percentages are different. Un-training HP, STR, or DX will return 90% of its initial EXP, and un-training skills, Enchant Defense (ED), or Enchant Offense (EO) spells will return 95% of the initial EXP. Note that un-training three basic stats (HP, ST, and DX) will not make those stats lower than 20. Newly Hired minions always have basic stats at 20.


VA, Vampiric Aura: An Enchant Defense Spell. Targets gain HP (even above their Max HP) from inflicting physical damage on opponents.

VB, Vorpal Blade: A previous supporter item that reduces AC by 50%. Has a base damage of 67.

VPR, Virtual Power: Unlike PR and MPR, which are visible to you, VPR is not. VPR is your PR + untrained experience. VPR is used when calculating your fight rewards rather than your PR, hence training experience frequently is recommended which results in VPR being about the same as your PR. See 'Changelog post'.[11]


WA, Weapon Allowance: Your WA is the maximum Net Worth that your weapon(s) can be before it adds to your Power (PR).

Weapon: An item that does physical damage to opponents. It must be equipped on a minion to be used in combat. A weapon's stats are comprised of a base, a damage modifier and the accuracy. (base x multiplier) +accuracy i.e. 92x70 +50 is a base of 92, a damage modifier of 70 and a plus to hit of 50. The + means you are guaranteed a hit that % of the time. In general, the higher the base the better the weapon is and the cheaper it is to upgrade.


X, x: See 'Damage Modifier'.

Xfer: See 'Transfer'.

XP: see Experience Points.


!48: A persistently annoying or disruptive user in chat may have their name changed to include an exclamation mark (!) in their name by an admin. Having an ! in their name will prevent them from entering chat. It used to be that a player could only change his/her name once every 48 hours, so this was an effective chat ban for that period of time. Now, players can only change their name after 30 days, so the offending player will either have to wait for 30 days or after 2 days they may politely ask that an admin change their name so they can re-enter chat.

+: On a weapon, this is the 'plus to hit'. Basically, how accurate a weapon is. On armor, this is the additional protection provided above the base. Can be increased on most items via the Blacksmith or Forging.

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