gimmy my money (in New players)

bicie October 10 2012 2:18 PM EDT

see title im new please help

TH3 C0113CT0R October 10 2012 2:40 PM EDT

I have no issues helping new people.. but the last few new players have made threads like this...

not asking for help, but demanding free money, Im sorry but I will not be giving you any money, this is not how you make friends or ask for help. I will offer any strat advice if you wish to ask..

but the politeness of the recent new players is appalling

RavePunkRobo October 10 2012 3:59 PM EDT

Sent you some tips on Chatmail :)
Consider upgrading your lesser tattoo into a regular one whenever you can afford.

bicie October 10 2012 4:11 PM EDT

collecter.. i mean the money given when creating the thread

TH3 C0113CT0R October 10 2012 4:49 PM EDT

ah I see, well i apologize then.. but seriously the name of the thread and what you posted.. sounds otherwise...

Unappreciated Misnomer October 10 2012 4:58 PM EDT

Shut-up and take my money!!!

Math Debating (db) bicie (bicie) $50000 4:58 PM EDT

bicie October 10 2012 5:00 PM EDT

now only 5.214 million till i can buy supportership

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] October 10 2012 6:31 PM EDT

Welcome to Carnage Blender bicie!

Getting past the Tutorial is half the Battle!

Life after the Tutorial can be tough as there is a lot of information to learn and some of it is not easy to comprehend. If you have any questions please feel free to pop into chat and ask them, there are many experienced players with answers willing to help.


Follow the links below to some of the best information on the site that you can get, made and compiled by the top players in the game.

Getting Started
Getting Answers
  • Official FAQ -This Should Answer a Lot of your Questions!
  • Unofficial FAQ -This Should Answer a Lot more of them!
  • Glossary -This Will help with all of those Acronyms Vets Spout off!
Things You Can Do

Keep in mind that this game is meant for long term play so Game On!

alaskanpsyko October 10 2012 8:09 PM EDT

I want some moola also! share the green buddy.

Fishead October 10 2012 11:30 PM EDT

CBD is green? I thought everything here was red, black, or gray.

Welcome to CB!
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