Big Six

  1. Basic Information
  2. Blacksword of Nan Elmoth
  3. Morgul-Hammer
  4. Elven Long Sword
  5. Blade of Thuringwethil
  6. Vorpal Blade
  7. Mace of Disruption

Basic Information

The Big Six weapons are the six most powerful melee weapons in the game. They all have high base and cheap X upgrade costs.

The Morgul-Hammer (MH), Blacksword of Nan Elmoth (BoNE), Elven Long Sword (ELS) and Blade of Thuringwethil (BoTH) have equal upgrade costs.

The Vorpal Blade and Mace of Disruption have higher upgrade costs on both the x and + side.

Blacksword of Nan Elmoth

The BoNE has the highest base damage (92) of any weapon in Carnage Blender. It is a two-handed weapon that is popular for use on a Wall and on a Heavy Tank because they have high AC and can stay alive without the Vampiric capabilities of the MH or BoTH.


The MH has the second highest base damage (84) of any weapon. Its base damage is 91% of the BoNE. It is a two-handed weapon with built in Vampiric Aura (VA). It is a very popular weapon for a Tank.

Elven Long Sword

The ELS has the highest base damage (80) of any one-handed weapon. Due to the introduction of the VB, it has lost much of its use. However, it can still be used as a weapon for a Light Tank.

Blade of Thuringwethil

The BoTH is the one handed version of the MH. Its base damage (73) is 91% of the ELS. It is a popular weapon for a Light Tank which prefers the built in VA over the additional damage provided by the ELS or the AC/Endurance reduction of the Vorpal Blade.

Vorpal Blade

The VB is a one handed weapon that was a Supporter Item. It is unique due to its ability to automatically cut through 50% of an enemy minion's AC and Endurance. It has a base damage (63) that is lower than the BoTH, and lower than the other weapons in the Big Six. Since it can cut through an enemy's damage reduction, it has the potential to do much more damage against heavily protected minions than the weapons with a higher base damage. The VB does more damage than an equivalent ELS against minions with greater than 246 (unconfirmed and under revision) AC.

Mace of Disruption

The MoD is a one handed weapon that was a Supporter Item. It is unique in its ability to do double damage to hp given by Ablative Shield. In addition, it ignores Phantom Link. Its base damage is (75), which is not not as high as the ELS. However, given its special abilities, it has a better chance breaking through many large Ablative Shields and/or PL Walls.

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