1. The Store
  2. The Blacksmith
  3. Special Items
  4. Tattoo Artist
  5. The Forge
  6. Rentals

The Store

There are two stores; one that stocks basic armor, and one that stocks basic weapons. In order to get rare weapons, you must use Auctions (See: Economy) or make a deal with another player.

The Blacksmith

The blacksmith can upgrade your weapons, but he is also able to Disenchant them, and you may access the Salvage Yard from the blacksmith page.

For further information see: Blacksmith

Special Items

This is a place to get Supportership Items for $11 each.

Tattoo Artist

The tattoo artist can switch what kind of tattoo you have.

For further information see: Tattoo Artist

The Forge

The forge will let you upgrade your items for a lower fee, using your BA.

For further information see: Forging.


Rentals is a place where players may place their items for anyone else to browse and rent at a fee. Be sure to be careful about Encumbrance when renting items.

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