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  4. Pro's and Cons

After the recent changes to evasion [1] and [2], this strategy is no longer useful. Unless you're willing to pump DX as well.


This strategy is an alternate version of the E:RoBF and the WEW:RoBF

Gear needed

The gear for the first Enchanter minion:

The gear for the second Evasion Wall minion:

Training Method

Minion 1

Minion 2

Pro's and Cons


  • The Corn is equipped on the AMF minion thereby removing the -10% penalty to the Evasion skill.
  • A MgS can be equipped on the RoBF minion to help reduce damage from all Direct Damage Spells except Decay; in addition to the intrinsic magic resistance of the RoBF.
  • Hard strategy for any tank to beat because of the still large evasion.
  • Hard strategy for any mage to beat because of the layered DD protection given by AMF, Mage Shield, and the RoBF.
  • Probably one of the most overpowered strategies around.
  • RoBF's perfect damage isn't effected by Antimagic Field, Ethereal Chains and Guardian Angel doesn't react to it.
  • Good Tattoo build strategy (e.g. its an easy strategy to grow your tattoo with).
  • Allows the use of a base decay without suffering from the returned Antimagic Field damage because that minion will have 20 HP.


  • Having enough HP and Evasion will be a challenge as half of the experience is trained into AMF.
  • This strategy doesn't allow the use of a Rune of Enlightenment
  • A big Tattoo is required.
  • Probably one of the lamest strategies around.
  • Single Fireball mages are hard targets for RoBF strategies. (One of the most common strategy in Carnage Blender World)
  • Steel Skin can be easily dispelled

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