Single Mage

  1. Detailed Guide of the Most Common type
  2. Gear needed
  3. Training Method
  4. Pro's and Cons

Detailed Guide of the Most Common type

The SFBM (Single Fireball Mage)

Gear needed

Four tattoo choices:



The typical gear for the Single Mage minion:

Training Method

Equal amounts of HP and Direct Damage Spells (DD) should be trained. The DD should be Fireball or Magic Missile as they are both ranged and this setup lacks survivability.

Fireball typically gives more damage versus single minions, but Magic Missile is more resistant to Antimagic Field (If a Tattoo of Endurance is used), more resistant to Guardian Angel and more resistant to the damage reduction of the Tattoo of Endurance, however, many people have taken to creating Magic Walls to counteract Magic Missile.

If a Familiar is used, equip a +10 Amulet of Junction so it gets the full effects. If no familiar is used you probably want to devote your skill slot to Evasion training 25 to 33% of your XP into it.

You may want to train Dispel Magic in order to take on Guardian Angel and Ablative Shield teams.

Pro's and Cons


  • Simple strategy commonly used, and easy to use.
  • Works with the Rune of Enlightenment
  • Has the ability to use Evasion, which can fully nullify the damage of a Tank
  • A SFBM (Single Fireball Mage) does not have to worry about the team killing effect of Fireball in Melee rounds
  • The single minion has the ability to concentrate experience on it's damage dealer, and devote all of that to DD


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