1. ETM Type #1
  2. ETM Type #2

ETM Type #1

Name: ETM with a Tattoo of Endurance (ToE).

Strengths: Mage teams and "Small" Damage Teams.

Weakness: Tattoo of Augmentation (ToA) teams.

Equipment: See Armor by Functionality on the Armor page. A Morgul-Hammer (MH) or Blade of Thuringwethil (BoTH) for the Tank and a ToE.

Theory: The ToE Coupled with a Tank with a Mage Shield (MgS) and a big Antimagic Field (AMF) keeps two minions alive for a lot of rounds, having two long lasting minions prevents Fireball (FB)/Cone of Cold (CoC) teams from concentrating their raw power on one minion. The lack of DX on the Tank leaves it vulnerable to ToA tanks.

Application: Grow a single minion to about 100K MPR with a ToE training only HP, ST, DX and Bloodlust (BL). At this point add two minions, the front Enchanter minion will train lots of AMF, the back Mage minion will split XP between CoC and HP and will now equip the ToE. The Tank is best with a life leaching weapon (MH/BoTH) and a MgS.

Variation 1: Grow your team as a single mage until 100K then add the enchanter and "tank". Train very a small amount of dexterity on the Tank and concentrate that experience into more HP.

Variation 2: Add Enchant defense spells to the Enchanter (Guardian Angel (GA) is a good choice).

Examples: Black Caesar, Jack Crow, The Lega (with an extra Enchanter).

ETM Type #2

Name: ETM with Tattoo of Augmentation (ToA)

Strengths: "Small" Damage Teams, Magic Missile (MM) Teams and Anti-Mage Teams.

Weakness: CoC and FB teams.

Equipment: See Armor by Functionality for appropriate armors for each type of minion.

Theory: The ToA can be equipped onto an existing tank to deal massive amounts of damage, both in ranged and in melee. The ToA Tank can deal out massive damage to at least 2 single minions during ranged and can then pick off each minion individually during melee. Most teams without ToA cannot stand up to a strong ToA during Melee, and thus try to defeat the ToA team early on, because of its lack of multiple target damage. ToA works with both untrained DX/STR minions, and augmented on top of already strong minions.

Application: Take a ToA, get a basic melee and ranged weapon, up until about maybe 50k to 100k you will be okay, after that hire an Enchanter to train Ablative Shield (AS), you might also want to train a Mage to learn AMF or MM. As long as your team has enough damage to withstand ranged, you should be okay.

Variation 1: Grow your team as a single tank until 100K, training HP and BL. At 100k add an Enchanter and a Mage, train AMF and GA on the Enchanter and CoC and Vampiric Aura (VA) on the Mage.

Variation 2: Grow your team as a single tank until 100K, training HP, STR, DX, and Archery. At 100k add an Enchanter and a Mage, train AS on the Enchanter and MM and AMF on the Mage.

Variation 3: Same as 1st, only switching AMF and GA with AS and DM.

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