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  3. Training Method
  4. Pro's and Cons

After the recent changes to evasion [1] and [2], this strategy is no longer useful. Unless you're willing to pump DX as well.


This is an alternative strategy to the E:RoBF and the EW:RoBF

Gear needed

The gear you need on the Evasion Wall

The gear you need on the Enchanter:

The gear you need on the Phantom Link Wall

Training Method

The Evasion Wall should train 100% into Evasion. The Enchanter should train Antimagic Field and a Base Decay. The Phantom Link Wall should train HP and Phantom Link to the point where the effect is equal to or more than the level of damage the other minions receive.

Pro's and Cons


  • Allows the use of 20 HP on the RoBF minion, essentially adding xp concentration.
  • Allows for the use of Multiple Mage shields for added protection.
  • Hard strategy for any tank to beat because of the possibility for a good sized evasion.
  • Hard strategy for any mage to beat because of the layered DD protection given by AMF, the Mage Shields, the Trollskin Armor on the PL Wall, and the RoBF.
  • Probably one of the most overpowered strategies around.
  • RoBF's perfect damage isn't effected by Antimagic Field, Ethereal Chains and Guardian Angel doesn't react to it.
  • Good Tattoo build strategy (e.g. its an easy strategy to grow your tattoo with).


  • The diluted xp may cause the Evasion to not be trained high enough to dodge all attacks.
  • This strategy doesn't allow the use of a Rune of Enlightenment
  • A big Tattoo is required.
  • Probably one of the lamest strategies around.
  • Single Fireball mages are hard targets for RoBF strategies. (One of the most common strategy in Carnage Blender World)

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