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Demigod December 21 2010 1:39 AM EST

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Demigod December 21 2010 1:47 AM EST

::sigh:: I just won a rare belt by beating a dungeon, but I don't think I'll use it.

I'm currently sporting:
Armor: 1733
Strength: 256

And the new rare gives:
Armor: 1385
All stats: 130

The difference in armor is about 2.6% protection at my level. I'm already well over the 50% cap for my own level, but it still gives me a little protection from higher level enemies.

The new belt drops my damage from 60k-75k down to 57k-71k, and it only raises my HP from 142k to 150k and my luck from 28.2% 30.64%.

I hate getting a rare that I can't even use.

Canibus December 21 2010 2:06 AM EST

know how u feel :o

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 21 2010 9:49 AM EST

i picked a fight with some bullies so i could get a spanking today! prep up. ; )

QBOddBird December 21 2010 10:08 AM EST

wow, yeah, that rare sucks demi

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 21 2010 1:47 PM EST

now we need to prep for both offense and defense.

Demigod December 21 2010 11:26 PM EST

The next GD boss is:
Boss Monster: L140 Goblin Mage, 13,310,400 HP Scout

Considering how close we were in the last one, we certainly aren't ready for this guy. He's ten levels higher and has two million more points of HP. And just like the last one, this guy's a scout.

Demigod December 22 2010 12:08 AM EST

Does anyone know why Eury hasn't logged on in a week? I'd ask him on CB, but he hasn't been on here in two weeks.

Demigod December 22 2010 12:31 AM EST


You can copy and paste in S&F! CTRL C/V doesn't work, but CTRL Insert and Shift Insert works perfectly!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 22 2010 11:25 AM EST

prep on both offense and defense please.

as for eury, i sent an email to the address listed on cb, no response as of yet. he didn't let me know anything which is what i have asked people to do so if we need a slot i figure we have one there. we can always let him know that we will work on getting him back in if he returns.

AdminTal Destra December 23 2010 9:46 AM EST

Someone tell me if my math is wrong here...

I have Corath the character now

Earned Gold: 8,565,010

Donated Gold: 1,059,000

I believe I am over the 10% donations required.

Am I not?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 23 2010 9:52 AM EST

you certainly are, ten percent would be 856k or so. you have pretty good breathing room before you need to worry about it again as well.

good job bringing that char in line, it was quite a bit off when you took possession of it wasn't it?

AdminTal Destra December 23 2010 9:57 AM EST

Yeah it was WAY off... i worked my butt off to get it back...

I'm still getting mails about my donations being short though

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 23 2010 9:59 AM EST

you are fine now, just politely reply and tell them to check the numbers! ; )

Demigod December 23 2010 3:02 PM EST

::looks slyly at dudemus:: That's right, just check the numbers.

As for the newfound problem of visible donations capping at 10m, I say we keep the 10% rule in effect until you cap out. From that point, it has to be an honor system that players support the guild as needed. Once players hits 10 mil donated, it's pretty obvious that they have the wherewithal to make large donations anytime we need it for GDs.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 23 2010 3:06 PM EST

Once players hits 10 mil donated, it's pretty obvious that they have the wherewithal to make large donations anytime we need it for GDs.

did you mean 1m as that is ten percent of the 10m total that is shown?

Demigod December 23 2010 3:12 PM EST

Yes. I'm using interchangeably with the 10% rule.

Kingkiller December 23 2010 3:34 PM EST

Once players hits 10 mil donated, it's pretty obvious that they have the wherewithal to make large donations anytime we need it for GDs. <

Completely agree, kind of like they earned that right.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 23 2010 3:44 PM EST

Completely agree, kind of like they earned that right.

and they have, it tends to happen around level 150 and if all fifty of us in the guild make it there then that would equate to 50m in our guild coffers if the big guys stopped there.

i doubt freed will stop donating though! ; )

{cb1}dyno December 27 2010 12:48 PM EST

Been awhile since we did one of these, so I figured I'd jump the gun and post:

6 are 100+
2 are 90-99
8 are 80-89
11 are 70-79
8 are 60-69
4 are 50-59
5 are 40-49
6 are 1-39

As of today:
8 are 100+
8 are 90-99
11 are 80-89
8 are 70-79
5 are 60-69
4 are 50-59
4 are 40-49
2 are 1-39

Keep it up everyone! :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 27 2010 1:21 PM EST

very nice growth everyone! keep up the good work. ; )

Demigod December 27 2010 5:51 PM EST

I ran a tracking of it back on 12-21-2010 but failed to post it here. We only had 5 in the 90-99 range back then. The growth just keeps on coming. :)

{CB1}[umk]Fangs December 28 2010 1:50 AM EST

I just signed up for the game, how do you play?

Demigod December 28 2010 3:46 AM EST

Any question in particular? Just select the tavern to pick fights. Your thirst (BA) replenishes every day. Shrooms are coveted items that you find as drops, and they can be used to purchase steeds at the stable (must have!) as well as beer at the tavern (which grants more thirst/BA).

Starting out, just pick the best steed you can afford. The game will lure you into blowing shrooms to speed up fights, but never ever do that.

If you like the game, tell us your handle and we can invite you into the guild as soon as possible.

{CB1}[umk]Fangs December 28 2010 7:37 PM EST

I'm now level 6-ish, I guess I'll give it a go, since it doesn't seem to take up too much time. :)

Demigod December 28 2010 7:57 PM EST

What's your handle? The in-game name?

{CB1}[umk]Fangs December 29 2010 3:33 AM EST


Demigod December 29 2010 10:46 PM EST

Invite sent.

Also, don't try to switch your PC's time to advance the clock. It doesn't work, but going backwards sort of does. I just had a nasty scare seeing the fight time jump from 7 minutes to 3 days. :o

Kingkiller December 30 2010 11:39 AM EST

Anyone playing on server 3?

Kingkiller January 1 2011 12:25 PM EST

If anyone is going to play on server 3 in addition to 1 and/or 2 I started a guild named Carnage Brewing Co user name is Uncle Slam.

Fuhgawz January 1 2011 3:05 PM EST

fianlly started playing this today. Fuhgawz on there as well.

Kingkiller January 1 2011 3:21 PM EST

Demigod, Fuhgawz is on server one. Dark Lord contact Demigod he is the leader of the guild on server 1.

Demigod January 1 2011 4:18 PM EST

Gotcha. We have some people on the verge of getting kicked. I'll try to confirm what's going on with them. Once we have room, we'll pull you in.

Fuhgawz January 1 2011 4:25 PM EST

cool thanks. Demi

QBOddBird January 1 2011 4:46 PM EST

Feel free to boot me out for a while, I'm pretty inactive ;( less time to S&F than I'd like

Demigod January 2 2011 1:54 AM EST

Invite sent

Demigod January 2 2011 8:34 PM EST

Remember that Tuesday is the next GD. Everyone log in and prep during EXP time.

Fuhgawz January 2 2011 10:54 PM EST

what is GD and what do I need to do to prep?

AdminTal Destra January 2 2011 10:58 PM EST

Guild Dungeon... same as prepping for war, except its the button on the far left

Demigod January 3 2011 11:17 PM EST

Well, someone accidentally started the guild dungeon a dozen hours too early, so let's run and prep up.

AdminShade January 4 2011 1:29 AM EST

I've prepped!

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 4 2011 4:10 AM EST

Yeah, my bad guys. I'm a failboat tonight.

Demigod January 4 2011 7:29 AM EST

Considering the emergency prepping, we did pretty well. But sadly, we're still missing our big lvl 141 person and time is running short. :(

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 4 2011 2:23 PM EST

We'd of had it with one more person... Argh!

QBRanger January 4 2011 6:22 PM EST

We had the last monster down to 2M hp from its initial 13M hp.

Still a very tough beat.

Demigod January 4 2011 6:46 PM EST

I didn't even get to see the fight, so part of me is glad we get to do it again. :)

For those who DID see it, how many of our big guys were we missing?

{cb1}dyno January 4 2011 6:58 PM EST

From what I saw, the only one I noticed was Kirimori. Not necessarily the case - I haven't committed to memory all the lvl 90's.

How many people used pots for this one? If a decent amount, perhaps we should give it a go before they expire...

Demigod January 4 2011 7:13 PM EST

I'm using a +25% HP pot that will expire in six more days.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 5 2011 12:10 AM EST

My issue is that I -never- get pots in the shop. And I'm not wasting shrooms to refresh the silly thing.

Demigod January 5 2011 8:46 PM EST

We'll likely try again this Saturday during EXP time. You know, unless someone starts it in the middle of the night. :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 8 2011 9:51 AM EST

started the guild raid, please go prep everyone! ; )

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 9 2011 11:00 AM EST

we do have a couple of people who really just aren't logging in any longer and therefore a couple slots we can get new players in if anyone else is interested.

Demigod January 9 2011 11:05 PM EST

State of the guild:

11 are 100+
11 are 90-99
5 are 80-89
10 are 70-79
6 are 60-69
2 are 50-59
1 are 40-49
4 are 1-39

The last time I tracked it:

8 are 100+
5 are 90-99
11 are 80-89
10 are 70-79
4 are 60-69
4 are 50-59
5 are 40-49
3 are 1-39

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 10 2011 3:59 AM EST

Where did we lose so many people? O.o

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 10 2011 6:24 AM EST

we still have 50. we have replaced some inactives with actives though...

pumpkinking105 January 10 2011 9:15 AM EST

i just started a short while ago lvl 10 any room for one more?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 10 2011 9:23 AM EST

sure, what is your character name on s&f?

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 10 2011 3:39 PM EST

Yeah but we're losing our 100+ crowd faster than we can replace this. This is actually a pain.

Demigod January 10 2011 3:48 PM EST

We're still gaining in the 100+ area. It's the midranks dropping out that's hurting. We need more people buying shrooms.

lostling January 10 2011 10:18 PM EST

unfortunately i dont buy shrooms

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 10 2011 11:07 PM EST

I don't have the money to buy shrooms.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 10 2011 11:19 PM EST

i think we are doing damned good, possibly even great. we are just a few days away from our six month guild b-day! in that time we have gone from two members of our guild to a steady fifty. we have gone from the bottom of the ranks to the thirties. we have added so many character levels that it is amazing.

keep up the great work all, if you can't buy shrooms just keep on trucking with your daily quests and let's see if we can get to the top twenty soon!

Demigod January 10 2011 11:47 PM EST

Ditto to what Dudemus said. I never thought we'd get this far, and we're not losing steam.

lostling January 11 2011 1:59 AM EST

not losing steam? right...

Demigod January 11 2011 2:08 AM EST

Player-wise, we're really not. It's about the same mid-level player turnover we've had. It's just that to breach into the 20s in rank, we have to wait until more guys crack lvl 100. That's a long process.

Demigod January 15 2011 2:24 PM EST

There's some great news waiting in your mailboxes.

Kingkiller January 15 2011 3:22 PM EST

Very nice!

Demigod January 19 2011 10:08 PM EST

We're now ranked #26 in the entire server. Awesome work.

Organ Doughner [Fees Dirt Cheap] January 20 2011 3:14 PM EST

New Player: Hawns :D.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 20 2011 4:45 PM EST

invite sent to hawns, see you in game.
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