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With the recent Evasion change this strategy has become viable, it is basically the same as a Single Archer build however with this build there is no need for a large ranged weapon, so it is cheap to run.


The bigger the better!

Training setup

The following 3 stats are required to train:

The only minion you can train in this setup is an Enchanter and you train him basically like any other enchanter, its role is a supporting minion and act like a meat shield. Training method is rather easy for this minion the only choice between AMF and EC is one dictated by the gear you've chosen. In general, ranged combat can be survived with a big enough pair of Displacement Boots so the choice for the EO spells falls on AMF. Training AS will give the familiar extra HP, the balance between EO and ED should be 1/2 max in EO and 1/2 max in ED.

One good thing about this setup is that Encumbrance is avoided this way, because ED and EO isn't effected by them you can basically "overload" your minion with Net Worth and the Familiar takes no penalty whatsoever.

Pro's and Cons


  • With this setup you don't have to worry about Encumbrance.
  • Cheap to run, about the same cost of running a SFBM.
  • No need for an expensive Ranged weapon.
  • Trains a single minion, which is desirable to run for a while and then hire extra minions, so you have one large damage dealing minion.


  • Can't directly train your familiar.
  • Very weak against Archers unless you have extremely large pair of Displacement Boots.
  • Less enchantment choices than other familiar strategies such as EE:F and the 5-Minion Teams
  • Ablative shield is less efficient with only two team members.


  • If you favor more minions try EE:F

Fun Facts

This build is similar to E:F with only the gear that is different.

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