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  2. Gear needed
  3. Training Method
  4. How it works
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This strategy was most prominently used by Little Anthony with his character FTW, who reached and maintained Second Place in Score and First in MPR for quite a while after the end of his New User Bonus.

Gear needed

Enchanter/Base Decay minion:

Phantom Link Wall:



Training Method

How it works

The idea behind this strategy is to create the perfect defense and wipe of the enemy once you reach melee rounds. The liberal use of the Amulet of Invisibility directs all the focused attacks towards the Heavy AC Wall, with the Phantom Link wall backing it up it creates an amazing defense. The use of the Tattoo of Endurance is maximized by having four minions to spread out the Fireball damage, and the Phantom link wall to keep all those minions alive.

Pro's and Cons


  • Hard strategy for any tank to beat because of the existence of two walls.
  • Hard strategy for any mage to beat because of the layered DD protection given by AMF and Mage Shield, as well as the Heavy AC wall absorbing Magic Missile.
  • Can live through almost anything into melee.
  • This strategy does allow the use of a Rune of Enlightenment


  • Expensive. You are probably looking at near 30 mil in just the base prices of the items, as well as putting that much into the wall itself.
  • If the damage dealer is disabled by a Mageseeker, or Antimagic Field, the team can slowly be taken out with Shocking Grasp or a Vorpal Blade.
  • The Wall needs to train sufficient amount of Steel Skin because of the inert penalties the Wall armor gives.

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