Minion Stats

  1. Health Points
  2. Strength
  3. Dexterity

Each stat here is necessary for an effective, Archer, Tank, or Monk

Health Points

Hit Points are essentially the life of your minions. Training hit points also increase the Encumbrance of the minion. When the Hit Points on a particular minion run out, it dies and its part in the battle is finished*. There are multiple factors that affect the HP of your minions:

* That is, unless it hits an opponent with a melee weapon while dying and has VA cast upon it. This sometimes can restore enough HP back to the minion to bring it back to life for a little while longer.


The amount of ST trained will increase the amount of damage one can do with a physical weapon. It also increases the Encumbrance limit on a minion significantly. (Having x4 the strength will increase damage by x2; you must also upgrade your Weapons either using the Blacksmith or Forging to keep your damage on par). Strength trained on a Mage will not have any effect on the damage, for strength to be useful you must have an Archer, Tank, or Monk.


The amount of DX will affect how well you hit minions who have DX or Evasion trained. In order to hit reliably you must also increase the PTH on your weapon. DX will also make it harder for another Tank to hit you, but they will still hit you if their weapon is upgraded with enough PTH, unless you use Displacement Boots or train Evasion.

  • At equal DX you have a certain base chance to hit, depending on your weapon (between 40% for 2-handed melee weapons and 100% for ELB with 1.0 Archery in ranged rounds).
  • DX alone allows up to one extra full hit in melee against an opponent, with PTH able to add much more if unopposed by Evasion.
  • Dexterity must be trained at an equal level as Evasion in order for evasion to work at full effectiveness.
  • For more details on chance to hit and number of blows, see To-hit

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