The amount of ST trained will increase the amount of damage one can do with a physical weapon. It also increases the Encumbrance limit on a minion significantly.


  • Having x4 the strength will increase damage by x2; you must also upgrade your Weapons either using the Blacksmith or Forging to keep your damage on par
  • ST can be increased by casting Giant Strength on your team or wearing a Tattoo of Augmentation and various ST-boosting armor pieces on your minion.
  • The ST-boosting armor only applies the bonus to trained ST and ST gained from a ToA, GS is not boosted by them. The bonus is calculated by adding together all individual bonuses (as opposed to multiplying them).
  • ST can be decreased by enemy Ethereal Chains before combat (affects Encumbrance), or during combat if you get hit by an Enforcer's Crossbow (does not affect Encumbrance)
  • Strength trained on a Mage will not have any effect on the damage dealt, for strength to be useful, you must have physical damage from an Archer, Tank, or Monk.

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