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Welcome to carnage blender!

Gameplay Basics

  • Know Armor bonuses and penalties before you equip them on your character. Visit the Armor page for details on specific pieces of armor. Generally speaking, armor with a larger base will have heavier penalties.
  • Direct Damage Spells (DD) and weapons don't mix well! Choose to either use weapons or DD on your minion(s).
  • Do not equip an expensive weapon (this means it has a high Net Worth) on a small character, as your Fight Rewards will suffer. If your PR (Power) increases when you equip the weapon, then it's too big for your current character, save it until you grow bigger. Your PR and MPR (Minion Power) are viewable at the top of your 'Equip' page.
  • It's advisable to give each minion on your team one job, be it casting support spells, defending, or dealing a specific type of damage. See the 'Basic Minions' section of Game Strategies for an outline of different types of minions.
  • It's much simpler to stick with one or two minions on your team at first to understand the basics.



There are two permanent chat rooms: Carnage and New Players. You are welcome to chat in either one, but please keep gameplay questions in New Players.

Please note that as indicated during signup, CB is a PG environment (PG is a term used by the American Film Industry which stands for 'Parental Guidance'). This term is used in CB to denote that there should be no foul language or suggestive material in chat or the forums. Chat ops enforce this by kicking violators out of a chatroom or by banning them from chat entirely.

See the following for more information:

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