1. Gear needed
  2. Training Method
  3. Pro's and Cons
  4. Alternative Setup

Gear needed

The gear you need for the Archer minion:

The gear you need for the Fireball Mage minion:

Training Method

On the Archer:

At a ratio of 1:1:1, or Dexterity may be neglected with 1:1 in strength. The idea behind neglecting dexterity is to focus on providing more damage and relying on the Fireball Minion to take care of enemies with evasion.

On the Mage:

At a ratio of 1:2, Fireball is chosen because it complement the archer best. Magic missile will not take care of any evasion minions up front. Shocking Grasp and Cone of Cold will not fire until melee rounds.

Pro's and Cons


  • High, diverse, ranged damage output
  • Fireball will hopefully take care of Evasion walls.


Alternative Setup

Instead of a ToA archer, one may opt for a Halidon Familiar as this is typically cheaper to maintain than a weapon. In this case the Tank would instead be an Enchanter wearing the Halidon and would be equipped with the following.

And this minion would train: 75% Ablative Shield 25% Evasion

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