Single Archer

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A single archer build is based around heavy damage in the ranged portion of combat, with a likely loss or draw if the battle lasts more than the five (or six, with Helm of Clearsight) ranged rounds. You don't care about your defense too much, but rather focus on killing your opponent before he can kill you.


Every archer needs to train the following stats to be effective. Percentage values in brackets are typical balanced values. Feel free to change these values according to your intended targets.

  • Spells are not part of the standard archer build. However, some Dispel Magic can be a good way to reduce damage taken from your opponents Guardian Angel defensive enchantment or reduce the AS-granted HP you need to go through on kill-slot minions.

Suggested Items

  • Ranged Weapon: Either an Elven Long Bow or, if you want to go anti-mage, a Mageseeker.
  • Melee Weapon: None, you should focus on upgrading your ranged weapon.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • You are able to deal lots of damage
  • You begin fighting in the first round of combat. This gives you a great advantage over Cone of Cold or Shocking Grasp mages and other teams that focus on melee combat.
  • Evasion is more effective in ranged rounds, thus you are not likely to hit an evasion minion multiple times, even miss him completely in the first few ranged rounds
  • When using an Elven Long Bow you need to pay the blacksmith for upgrades (as it can't be forged), which makes this strategy kind of expensive.
  • Although you can use your bow during melee combat, you are not efficient doing so (-60% DX and -60% weapon PTH penalty, also only fire every other round), which basically means you have to finish the battle in the first 5 or 6 (ranged) rounds.

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