Specialized Enchanter Armor

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Strategy and Comments
  3. Bonuses
  4. Penalties
  5. Shield Specific
  6. Fun Facts

Basic Information and Statistics





Strategy and Comments

How you equip your enchanter is a personal choice, keep in mind that an Enchanter only needs to fulfill one role and that is to cast Enchant Offense Spells and Enchant defense Spells. With this set you want to maximize the bonus towards Enchant Offense Spells and Enchant defense Spells.

  • The first is the Meatshield; this is the bare minimum any Enchanter should wear, after casting its Enchantments the minion becomes a Meatshield.
  • The second set is the Specialized; which allows for a base AC of [45]. The Elven gear is included in this set with the ability of training Skills in mind. The two or three pieces of Elven gear is more than enough to offset the negative 10% to DX and skills established by the Cornuthaum, making the ability to train skills, along with enchantments. This set allows for a high enough AC to train Armor Proficiency as a viable option.
  • The third set is the Evade-o-minion; a big pair of Displacement Boots will help against Tanks and Archers, but keep in mind, they do not guard against Direct Damage spells(DD). If using a pair of Displacement Boots the Amulet of Invisibility would be advisable due to the fact the Amulet of Invisibility acts as a pair of DB + [20]. Displacement Boots over enc will incur penalties on the evasion it gives.
  • The fourth set is the Leader; this set utilizes the bonus given by the Boots of Fortitude and Amulet of Leadership to boost the rest of the team, of course the Enchanter should be placed upfront an preferable backed up by a Phantom Link Wall



Shield Specific

DX Penalties

This set does not utilize a shield.

Fun Facts

This set has many bonuses and virtually no penalties to an Enchanter. While these sets are somewhat expensive, they are the best sets of armor among Enchanters.

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