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I came up with this strategy after taking a look at the EWMW and deciding to make a few adjustments for my personal taste. The biggest adjustment is making the 2nd Wall a Heavy Tank instead so that it could both better tank physical damage, and be a second source of damage.

I also started off building the team as Nothing - Nothing - Mage Rune of Enlightenment - Nothing, for about 1M MPR before swapping over to the Enchanter - Wall - Mage - Tank for two reasons: First, it was super simple to level, you just put 50% into Ablative Shield and 50% into Cone of Cold and you can defeat most squads. I did also put about 200K HP on the Mage by the end.

Therefore when I started this strategy, I had a super Mage in the 3rd slot.

Gear needed

Enchanter/Base Decay minion:

Phantom Link Wall:



Training Method

  • The Enchanter should train Ablative Shield as well as base Decay just in case they don't have defense vs Decay.
  • The Phantom Link Wall should train Phantom link to the average blow, and the rest into HP.
  • The Mage should train some HP and either Cone of Cold or Shocking Grasp or Magic Missile with 50% of the Experience (I went with Cone of Cold). With the other 50% train Dispel Magic.
  • The Tank is a Heavy Tank, so build accordingly.
  • If you decide to follow my full strategy from starting with a solo Mage and his 3 base minions, then keep the Mage's Ablative Shield and don't swap the XP into Dispel Magic until your new Enchanter has an Ablative Shield to the level you want. Then pull all the XP out of the Mage's AS and put it into DM.

How it works

So the weaknesses I saw in the EWMW are two-fold: Guardian Angel and heavy AMF. Therefore the changes in this build give you physical damage as a second damage source for heavy AMF and Dispel Magic to counter the Guardian Angel. The triple Amulet of Invisibility directs all the focused attacks towards the Heavy AC Tank (That now also has a high Dexterity to lower physical damage more than a straight Wall). The Phantom Link wall backing it up it creates an amazing defense. The use of the Tattoo of Endurance is maximized by having four minions to spread out the Fireball damage, and the Phantom link wall to keep all those minions alive.

I also see this layout as superior to the WMTE because it puts the enchanter up front to better tank through Shocking Grasp (lower AC is better vs SG), while having a very high AC Tank get hit by the Magic Missile and physical attacks.

Pro's and Cons


  • Hard strategy for any tank to beat because of the existence of a Heavy Tank protected by a Phantom Link Wall.
  • Hard strategy for any mage to beat because of the layered DD protection given by Ablative Shield and Mage Shield and Phantom Link, as well as the Heavy AC Tank absorbing Magic Missile.
  • Can live through almost anything into melee.


  • Expensive. You are probably looking at near 30 mil in just the base prices of the items, as well as putting that much into the wall itself.
  • Mage does less damage in this build vs EWMW because the mage is splitting XP between Dispel and an attack.
  • The Tank is going to do poorly against any team with less minions that has a Tank due to being a 4 minion team.

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